Vidatox Plus 30CH Natural Homeopathic Treatment by Labiofam

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Brand: Labiofam


  • Natural homeopathic treatment
  • Original product from Labiofam
  • Exp. 2019-2022
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Publisher: Labiofam

Details: Vidatox 30CH is a well-known and one from the best homeopathic medication. Vidatox is angiogenic and is a biotherapy homeopathic treatment whose active principle is the venom from the scorpion Rhopalurus junceus. Vidatox works by stimulating the immune system. This provides pain relief and healing as it has anti-inflammatory and pain killing effects. The use of Vidatox 30CH prevents the undesirable symptoms produced by the cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiations to which patients are usually subjected. Created by Labiofam laboratories, Vidatox medication is one of the most natural and homeopathic medications available. It's also effective analgesic and antipyretic. Vidatox is a potentially non-toxic product that is administered through oral consumption. It is taken simply under the tongue as sublingual drops. Exp. 2019-2022

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