Dry Body Brush - 100% Natural Bristles - Cellulite Treatment, Increase Circulation and Tighten Skin (Pack of 1)

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 Our Natural Bristle Body Brush is the Absolute Essential Tool for Dry Skin Brushing and Lotion Application of all Cellulite Cream, Dead Sea Mud Mask, Arabica Coffee Scrub, Epsom Salt and Firming tightening Lotions.



  • GREAT RESULTS - Exfoliate Skin, Increase Blood Flow and Promote Healthy Glowing Skin.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY - 100% Natural Bristles are of the Finest Grade.
  • EASY GRIP - Smooth Polished Wood and Linen Strap Make Handling Easy.
  • VERSATILE - Professional Body Brush for Dry Skin Brushing.