How We Make Our Bamboo Straws

Our hand-cut bamboo straws come from naturally grown bamboo stalks in the valleys of Bokor Mountain near Kampot, Cambodia. The bamboo grass is trimmed into 1-meter sections and carried 5km down the mountain to a local village. There the bamboo sections are laid out and dried naturally in the Cambodian sun. Once the bamboo has dried thoroughly, the sections are then cut into the desired straw length. The straws are then sanded down by hand to soften all of the rough edges.
After the straws have been trimmed and sanded down, they are submerged in a water and vinegar solution and then boiled over an open fire to sterilize and strengthen them. After the straws have sufficiently been sterilized, they are again spread out to dry naturally in the sun. We then repeat this process a second time to ensure that our straws are the hardest, most durable bamboo straws available on the market.
If you have any further questions regarding our process or our fair labor practices, please email us directly at We'd love to hear from you!